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Fire and Knives Crafted Heat

These are hot sauces from a local hot sauce making wizard. You can’t find these on store shelves (not quite yet haha). These are all small batches crafted with a lot of love. Locally sourced ingredients from numerous farms south of Chicago. If you’d like to know more about this man’s craft please feel free to check him out on Facebook - Fire and Knives Crafted Heat 

He has something to offer everyone. If it’s just additional flavor you seek then he has you covered. But what really sets him apart is his complex variety of sauces that play so well with any meal. Different sauces for different meals of course. From very mild, to smoky, to mind altering heat and everywhere in between, these sauces never disappoint!

Birria Wednesday 

This was a sauce made for private event. You literally cannot get it anywhere else. Smoky, sweet and the slightest amount of heat to balance this baby out. It was made with love to compliment a deconstructed Birria Tamale. Well done Chef ! 

Five Oh!

Grilled pineapple, fresh basil, ghost jalapeño and white miso come together in this fiery blend of creative madness. Tropical sweet and refreshing basil up front fades quickly into a generous burn, all balanced by the umami of the miso in this interesting combination of flavors.

Aloha Thin Crust

Yeah, that's what I said! This sauce will test the age old question of whether pineapple belongs on pizza or not. The same Thin Crust you know and love loaded with ripe pineapple and pineapple juice. Give it a blasphemous spin!

That's My Bad M#therf#cker

This sauce features, chipotle, ancho, guajillo and smoked habanero peppers. Smoky, spicy and loaded with flavor this sauce is some serious gourmet sh!#

Four Day Weekend 

A blend of medium heat fermented peppers and tart cherries. This rendition features Fresno chiles and Michigan tart cherries balanced with sweetness from maple syrup and local honey from Illinois. Pepper forward notes are followed by rich cherry flavor that finishes spicy sweet. Surprisingly versatile, as well. Try it on smoked meats, duck and salmon!

Thanks Harry!