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King of Kentucky 2022

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"Compared to last year’s 2021 release, the 2022 release leans a little more heavily into drier flavors, especially in the finish. The sip opens with well balanced aged scents that force you to just linger for a while inhaling the delectable aromas. The aged notes carry over into the palate, merging with rich spice and a hint of sweet to provide balance and an overall complex flavor profile. The only fault that is holding this bourbon back from being truly spectacular is the finish. It’s full of bold spice and heat which showcases its proof well, but it’s also full of swaths of dry flavors that are fighting to suck the moisture out of your mouth. It’s not a complete turnoff, but more of a stumble to greatness. After five years of constantly being good, King of Kentucky is proving that this release should be just as anticipated as the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection and other hotly anticipated fall limited edition releases."


Credit: https://www.breakingbourbon.com/review/king-of-kentucky-2022-release