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Brett Roat Auction

by KEITH SHARP February 01, 2022 2 min read

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In memory of Brett Roat, whose birth date is February 6. The auction ends on his birthday promptly at 6:00pm. Full payment from both winners is expected immediately upon conclusion of the auction as we would like to transfer the funds to Brett’s wife on that day.
Brett passed away September 18th, 2021 from complications with COVID. He is survived by his wife Nicole, children Brenden, Aubrey, Brett and Delaney.
He was a member of the Hoperative Club at Crafted 1979 in Mokena. So a bunch of Brett’s friends came together to remember him and his family on his upcoming birthday. The following auctions are a way to continue showing love and support in his memory.
LOT 1: $800
-Barrel Aged Space Debris Coconut 2021 from Brothership Brewing
-Super Butterface (Tyson’s)
-Coconut County Bomber
-15’ BCBS Rare
-Barrel Aged DerkLerds (DL aged in Rye barrel for 15.5 months)
-Boneflower Cohesion
-Revolution VSOJ
-Angry Chair Rocky Road
-Trillium Vanilla Truffle (JWB Collab)
-Mikerphone BA Our Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
-3 Floyd’s Pillar Of Beasts
-BCS 15’-21’ Vertical
-18’ 3 Floyd’s Handjee
LOT 2: $800
Weller Full Proof
Weller 12yr (W12)
Weller 107 Antique (OWA)
EHT Sm Batch
So it’s this easy. The bids are starting at $800 per lot as those are the current bids on the Hoperative Community Page. We decided to get this somewhere public in the hopes of raising even more money for Brett’s family. Bids should be placed in the following format.
LOT 1 $900
Or LOT 2 $1,000
and so on
So let’s say you can’t help with the money side but you still want to help? Please feel free to donate bottles to either the beer side or the bourbon side. Do so in the thread and we will update the list accordingly. It will be the donors responsibility to deliver the bottle(s) to the winner(s).
Monetary commitments are welcomed should the bids exceed your ability to help. Just comment the amount you’d like to donate in the thread and we will dm a PayPal address for you to send the donation. Even if it’s $10 or $50 it will certainly help.
Bidding ends promptly this Sunday February 6th, 2022 @ 6pm.
Please just post your generous amount here!
100% of all proceeds will be donated to Nicole Roat and her children, Brenden, Aubrey, Brett, and Delaney.
More pics to come as bottles are added. And of course, thank you for helping us to help Brett’s family. Cheers!

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