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Raffle Update

by KEITH SHARP July 14, 2021 2 min read

Hello everyone,

We were faced with a couple difficult decisions this week. We had a marketing issue with Facebook. Our original consult with them showed we would receive 170,000 views daily based on our budget. Once we began we realized our account had a limitation placed on it because it was so new. They forgot to mention that part in the consult. The limit was 10% of what we had expected. So instead of 170,000 views daily we were to expect 17,000. This translates to failure. Meaning we would have to either cancel the raffle and issue refunds or extend the raffle 2 more weeks and go all in….if you know me/us then you know what we did. We pushed all in. This decision is absolute, come what may the raffle will end Saturday August 14th at midnight. The counters on the site were updated to reflect this change this morning.

The winners will be drawn the following morning publicly in a local bottle shop or brewery. We will announce the location shortly once permission is granted. The costs to run this fundraiser have become staggering. We are lucky enough to have a glimmer of hope. A local beer lover stepped up and mentioned his ability to get us in front of the company he works for….a marketing firm. Being an established advertiser they are able to circumvent the lower account status placed on us and basically spend as they see fit based on our budget. Not to mention the other avenues they have at their disposal. Thanks Bill!

Current participants: we added 50% more time to the clock. Everyone who has participated thus far will receive a coupon code from us shortly for 50% more tickets above what they have already spent. We feel in all fairness this represents the best outcome for our participants and the food bank.

Thank you!

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